The Daily Cam
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They say the whole life passes by when you dying. Why not record it while you live and watch it on the sofa.

We at Syborg Studios have created a small app that lets everybody create a personal film by just recording a moment every day. The Daily Cam automatically attaches every new snapshot to the film making it as easy as it can get.

It’s available as 1 Frame Daily Cam, 1 Second Daily Cam and 3 Second Daily Cam and best of all. It’s free!!

Start now and join the culture phenomenon. It was never so easy.

1 Frame Daily Cam:

app store link

1 Second Daily Cam: 

app store link

3 Seconds Daily Cam:

 app store link

My Witness: Security Camera
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My Witness: Pocket Security Cam

Syborg Studios releases its new Security App  My Witness on 1st of November. 

My Witness enables you to shoot photos in emergency situations and send them automatically, direct and compressed to up to three email addresses including your name, your phone number and your current location.

An alarm can be activated additionally.

The app can be used to solve threatening situations, identify aggressors or trigger emergency calls.

My Witness addresses a wide range of users – from the anxious citizen, needy old people, to the night traveler, the extreme athletes or your children on the way to school.

My Witness can be found here:

Virtual Tour Architect released
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We’re excited to share some fantastic news with you!

You may be familiar with our desktop software, Syborg Architect. A useful tool allowing you to design virtual tours in just a few minutes. A few of you had issues with flash settings whilst others didn’t have a webserver to host the tours. Some people had issues with image formating and others with the iPad & iPhone Versions.


Say hello to the VIRTUAL TOUR ARCHITECT (!

Virtual Tour Architect lets you create virtual tours, directly in your browser. It's quick, it's user-friendly and simple. It was designed to take care of everything and let you concentrate on the things you do best. You can create as many tours you want and even host them directly in the application!

As you would expect, all tours are made iPad and iPhone ready. Best of all, there is no software installation required!
FOTOHITS mit Syborg Architect Workshop
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Das meist verkaufte dezidierte Fotomagazin Deutschlands präsentiert in der am Samstag erscheinenden Ausgabe exklusiv Syborg Architect und Syborg Rooms.

Herzstück der Geschichte ist ein fünfseitiger Workshop über die Erstellung eines virtuellen Rundgangs mit Syborg Architect. Damit die Leser diesen Workshop direkt mitverfolgen und sich ausprobieren können, liefert die beiliegende Heft-CD eine Syborg Rooms Limited Vollversion.

„Mit dem Programm ‚Syborg Architect‘ geht man auf eine erstaunliche Reise: Es baut aus Panoramaaufnahmen virtuelle Räume, die ein Besucher besichtigen kann. Das Ergebnis kann selbst ein Laie mit nur wenigen Mausklicks erzeugen.“ Fotohits (05/11)

Syborg Studios freut sich einer breiten Masse an Lesern und Fotografen, die Vorzüge von Syborg Architect und Rooms zu präsentieren.

Relaunch: Our new website is online
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The new website is online!


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